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CompTIA A+ Certification Facts

CompTIA A+ is the elite certification which provides the IT enthusiasts a way to enter as computer service professionals. During the certification exam, the necessary skills, as well as knowledge of individuals aiming to become computer technicians, are judged. Aspects like installing, maintaining, customizing, and operating personal computers are the prerequisite to judge the aspirants and render them ce rtified. A+ certification is sponsored by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) which is a leading organization regulating the IT sector.

CompTIA, a leading sales group related to Information Technology, has a diverse range of contributors. From distributors to IT professionals, every person works with this elite IT group. The association also develops as well as implements guidelines related to the ethics and regulations. Product returns, warranty claims, and price protection are some areas where CompTIA excels.

Renewal Tests

Earlier, CompTIA A+ Certification was for a lifetime. Once gained by the aspirants, they were considered A+ Certified for over a lifetime. However, currently, the aspirants need to renew their certification every three years. Renewal is based on the scores of A+ Tests only. If the certified professionals aren't able to clear the renewal tests, they need to pay a CEU (Continuing Examination Units) fee to renew their certification. CompTIA A+ exams (220-1001 and 220-1002) contain situational, customary, and distinguishing proof sorts of questions. The majority of the questions are multiple choices, and there is just a single right response for each question. Candidates should pass both exams. There are no strict prerequisites to take CompTIA A+ exams, as they are available to anyone ready to get entry-positions in IT, although it is intended to be taken by those with no less than half a year experience as administration experts.

CompTIA A+ certification is a vendor neutral certification and there are many benefits to becoming A+ Certified. A portion of the bigger multi-part confirmation tracks gives you kudos for having A+ credential. The mid-level Microsoft MCSA track is one of such illustration. With this certification, the aspirants don’t need to prove themselves as quality IT technicians.

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam:

The exam codes for the certification are 220-1001 and 220-1002, each of them contains a maximum of 90 question. The exam pattern is of a multiple-choice question along with drag and drops, and even performance based questions. The duration of the whole exam is 90 minutes. The cost of each exam is $211.

Prerequisites for the exam

The candidate should have at least nine to twelve months of experience in the given field.

Better Opportunities

Enhanced career opportunities await for all A+ Certified professionals. Employers often look out for A+ certified employees due to their quality, skills as well as efficiency. The employees are more likely to get promotions if they are A+ Certified. Most of the elite companies have rendered CompTIA A+ certification compulsory like CompuCom, CompUSA, and IBM. As compared to the non-certified professionals, the certified ones attain better salary and hence, bright future. Also, after gaining the certification, the professionals are more confident and play their role with immense dedication.

With over 500+ hours of practice and experience, CompTIA A+ Certification makes the employees much more reliable and an asset for the employers. With this certification, the employees don’t need to prove themselves and their skills regarding installation, configuration, diagnosing, preventive maintenance and basic networking are much evident. Hence, every IT enthusiast must become CompTIA certified for better career opportunities and imminent future.

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what are a+ practice tests? can an individual go through the tests easily? can an individual pass the exam after giving the tests and get a plus certification?
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so, i’m a+ certified specialist. 220-901 and 220-902 exams done. I used the comptia a+ premium files provided on prepaway for revision of the learnt material. almost all the questions provided were familiar to me. this testifies that the dumps offered on the website are constantly updated. recommend!
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i desire to gain a+ certification, is anyone there who can assist me with the same? please offer me with some fundamentals and basics of the exam and also how to get through it conveniently. i warmly welcome all relevant advices from the experts.
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