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General questions

Q: What is

A: Prepaway is a community of IT certification exam takers committed to sharing their exam knowledge and experience with their peers, as well as those looking for free information sources to study for their exams. Our members share their knowledge on IT certification exams in convenient ETE files.

Please note that Prepaway is basically an information sharing platform: we do not sell software, neither do we support or troubleshoot it (keep reading to find out where you can get your ETE software). All we do is let people share their ETE uploads, download files and post their feedback.

How to open ETE files

Q: What exactly are ETE files?

A: ETE (Exam Testing Engine) is a file format that realistically simulates IT exam environment, allowing for the most convenient exam preparation you can get - in the convenience of your own home or on the go. If you have ever seen IT exam simulations, chances are, they were in the ETE format. For details on how to create, use and convert ETE files, please refer to the separate section below.

Q: Who can upload the files?

A: All files are uploaded by Prepaway community members. We encourage everyone who has recently taken an exam and/or has come across some braindumps that have turned out to be true to share this information with the community by creating and uploading ETE files.

Q: Who can download the files?

A: The files may be downloaded by individuals for their personal use - exam preparation. This means that downloading files for commercial use/reselling is not permitted. Prepaway reserves the right to block users suspected of reselling the files at our sole discretion.

Q: How many files can I upload/download per day?

A: You can upload an unlimited number of ETE files. Downloading is restricted to maximum 15 files per day. The limit was imposed with the goal to prevent commercial use of ETE files created by our members.

About ETE Files and Software

Q: What is ETE?

A: ETE is a file format associated with Vumingo Exam Testing Engine Software. To create and open ETE files, you will need to purchase, download and install Vumingo Exam Testing Engine on your computer/phone.

Q: Where do I get Vumingo Exam Testing Engine?

A: Vumingo Exam Testing Engine can be purchased from its developer, Please note that Prepaway does not sell or support this software. Should you have any questions or concerns about using this product, please contact Vumingo support team directly.

Premium Files and associated product

Q: How are these Premium ETE files different from all other uploads?

A: These ETEs have been developed by industry professionals, who have been working with IT certifications for years and have close ties with IT certification vendors and holders - with most recent exam questions and some insider information.

Of course we're not saying that the free ETEs uploaded by our members aren't reliable (experience shows that they are). Yet, with everyone being able to create and upload the file, you should use your critical thinking as to what you download and memorize... you know what we're saying.

Q: How long will I receive updates for the Premium ETE File that I purchased?

A: Free updates are available during 30 days after you purchased Premium ETE file. After 30 days the file will become unavailable.

Q: Which additional products can you provide for productive exam preparation?

A: We provide the following additional products:

Q: What is bundle package? Is there a discount for it?

A: We provide Bundle packages which contain Premium ETE file and all available additional products: study guide and video / audio tutorials (if available). Such a set of material will increase your preparation level and make you more confident before the exam.

As we are carrying about our users, we provide bundle packages with a discount. Free updates for bundles are available during 90 days.

Prepaway Account and Other Technical Details

Q: How do I register with Is the registration free?

A: The registration and membership with Prepaway are FREE. To register, please fill out a brief form here:

Q: Why do I need that confirmation email? Can't you just log me in?

A: Like many other Internet resources, we employ the 2 step registration process in order to ensure that our users are honest in providing their email information, and to prevent spam registrations. This is a necessity if we want to keep our website a clean friendly community populated by honest users, so we truly appreciate your cooperation.

Q: I can't find an email from you. What's wrong?

A: If you do not see emails from us, that's most likely because they have landed to your Spam/Junk folder. Please check these folders, and once you find an email from, open it and remove the Spam label. To prevent messages from being marked as Spam in the future, add to your email address book, so it is recognized as a trusted email.

If you need to retrieve your registration confirmation email and link to finalize your registration, please use the Forgot Password page, and we'll re-send the message to you. Before you proceed, however, make sure you have completed the previous steps so this email doesn't end up in your spam folder again.

Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?

A: As simple as it gets: please use the Forgot Password page. And yes, make sure the message does not go to your Spam folder.

Q: Where can I keep up with the news from Prepaway?

A: Make sure you visit the website often to keep up with the latest ETEs that appear on, and visit our blog for IT Certification news.

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