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Google Analytics Exam - Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)

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Analytics Certification Facts

Google Analytics Certification proves that one is proficient in the use of Google analytics tools. It is called the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam. In short, it is referred to as GAIQ. This certification course is provided by Google which is one of the leading companies in Information Technology. It is mainly aimed at web-based company resources such as websites.

The Google analytics certification exam has the following characteristics

  • It is taken once, no need for recertification.
  • Consists of 70 questions of multiple choice.
  • Taken for 90 minutes.
  • Results are released after 48 hours.
  • The pass mark is at eighty percent.

The exam mainly aims at educating individuals on how to gather user data from web resources and testing their skill level. This is mainly due to the fact that most companies have migrated to have their resources online.

The skills tested in the exam includes:

  • Google Analytics account set up – this is basically a test to ascertain that an individual is farming with the various ways in which they can use and set up the Google analytic account. This is because even after they have passed they will still need the account.
  • Landing Pages – this involves showing individuals how to create responsive and aesthetically appealing landing pages that will capture the attention of users who visit their websites.
  • Sessions and Segments – this is used to teach individuals how to manage user sessions and control web segments.
  • Bounce rate – is defined as the percentage of individuals who visit a certain website and move on to other sites after only looking at only the first page. Thus the individual is shown how to capture that data, the bounce rate data.
  • Acquisition and behavior – this involves testing on whether an individual knows how to source data from a website and deduce the correct behavior of that particular data.
  • Traffic volume – is used to test whether an individual understands how to interpret the data from websites and analyze the traffic of different websites’ faces.
  • Geographical location for the campaign- its show and tests whether individuals understand how to interpret geographical data that is on the websites and those created by visitors.
  • Traffic analysis- this tests the skill of an individual to analyze the number of visitors to websites and their activities while on the websites.
Job Opportunities
  • Growth Associate Google
  • Marketing Analytics Analyst
  • Data entry operators
  • Network Administrator
  • Data Administrator

In conclusion, the Google Analytics exam is very popular and stands shoulders above other certification programs. This is due to the fact that it has a lot of job opportunities that can really benefit an individual. Google analytic certification is given more weight by the fact that majority of the companies have websites and thus require the skills of a Google analytic certified professional to analyze the data and produce the necessary reports from those websites. It is, therefore, one of the most in-demand certification programs at the moment.

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Aug 09, 2018
what are the future benefits offered by certification in google analytics? can it be suggested to the newly passed out from the schools and colleges?
Aug 02, 2018
is there any guide for google analytics certification question and answers? if yes, is it helpful? can i conclude a secure future in it? if anyone out there can help me with my questions, your answers will be my first priority.
Jul 27, 2018
does anyone know about google analytics certification course? is there any guide available to get through the certification easily?
Jul 22, 2018
@alex, does google analytics certification exam provides good career perks to the people?
Jul 19, 2018
@jordan, @peter, @willy, talking about google analytics certification exam, I’d like to say that I am a recent passed out of it. the qualification is an industry recognized certification that assist you make as much as you can of digital analytics and provide you with a kick to your future. take admission in the analytics academy and finish the fundamental course in digital analytics. the course consist of units and is a free self study course. i must say the course is a must take if you are keenly interested in securing your career. and also, the course is now free for the candidates to do, but earlier the test used to cost $50. the test cannot be paused and once you start off the test, even if the computer shuts down, the exam timer will continue to count down.
Jul 17, 2018
what is google analytics certification cost?
United States
Jul 12, 2018
certification google analytics…. is it worth achieving? what are the career benefits?
Jul 08, 2018
what does it mean by google analytics certification? is there any such certification?

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