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Professional Cloud Architect Exam - Professional Cloud Architect on Google Cloud Platform

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Professional Data Engineer Exam - Professional Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform

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Cloud Certification Facts

With many organizations now using Google Cloud Platform, the demand for the Google Cloud certification training has increased. There are generally three certification levels that IT professionals and teams can go through in order to validate their skills and knowledge in Google Cloud Platform.

The first level of the certification is Associate Cloud Engineer, which is designed for those professionals who handle the daily maintenance of current Google Cloud implementations. The certification exam aims to evaluate the ability of candidates to monitor operations, deploy applications, and maintain the Google Cloud Platform projects. In order to pass the test, the students are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of setting up a cloud solution environment; configuring and planning cloud solutions; implementing and deploying cloud solutions; configuring security and access; and ensuring the successful operation of cloud solution.

The second level of the certification is Professional Cloud Architect. This is aimed at the professional cloud architects who leverage the Google Cloud technologies. These professionals have an in-depth understanding of Google Cloud Platform and cloud architecture. They are equipped to design, manage, and develop robust, scalable, dynamic, secure, and highly available solutions to drive various business objectives. The exam is designed to evaluate the capability of the students to design and plan cloud solution architecture; provision and manage cloud solution infrastructure; design for compliance and security; manage the implementations of cloud architecture; analyze and optimize the technical and business processes; and ensure operations and solution reliability.

The highest level of the certification is Professional Data Engineer. This professional has a more comprehensive understanding of the process of designing, maintaining, building, and troubleshooting data processing system. The exam for this credential covers areas, such as design data processing system; build and maintain data databases and structures; analyze data and enable machine learning; optimize data representation, cost, and data infrastructure performance; visualize data; ensure reliability of data processing infrastructure; and design secure data processing systems.

The Google Cloud certification exams are designed to objectively evaluate the candidate’s ability to demonstrate the crucial skills needed for the different job roles. There is basically no prerequisite for writing the tests. The format of the exams includes multiple-choice questions. There is a total of 120 minutes that is allotted for the completion of each exam. It has to be taken physically at a testing center. There are various testing centers around the world. You might want to check the certification page to know the location that is close to you. Depending on your preferred language, you can write the exams in English, Portuguese, Spanish, or Japanese.

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