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Reasons to be Cisco Certified

The IT industry is undoubtedly the best industry in today’s world. It doesn’t only allow you to follow your passion but it also enables you to earn more money as compared to the other top professions in the world. However, in order to fulfill those dreams, you’d have to earn the IT certifications that will build your reputation in this industry.

And the best part is that the process of earning these certifications is easier than other certifications or degrees. However, one must know that the IT industry is divided into different categories and even the categories are divided into different sub-categories. Therefore, the candidates should earn a specific certification to qualify for a particular category and sub-category.

The situation is that there are many top vendors that are offering certifications in different categories and the candidates are unable to decide which certification is right for their future. Cisco is one of the top vendors that offers certifications in the IT industry. Let’s take a look at some of the best certifications offered by Cisco.

Cisco certifications

Cisco has divided its certifications into several categories. There are several steps that candidates should achieve in order to increase their skills in a specific category. CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE are the different steps that will help you become an expert in a particular category. Whereas, Routing and Switching, Security, and Voice are the top certification plans that candidates usually apply for. The Routing and Switching certification is a must for every candidate that plans to work in any IT company and complete everyday tasks that are based on the network. So, routing and switching is the right certification to grow one’s skills and be a certified professional.

CCENT and CCNA (Routing and Switching) are the most popular Cisco certifications that candidates usually apply for. These are the certifications that are usually recommended for the beginners that want to start their career in this industry. Exam 100-105 (ICND1) is recommended for the candidates who want to earn CCENT certification. And exam 200-125 is recommended for the candidates that are looking to earn CCNA R&S certification.

Now, let’s take a look at some reasons about why you should become a Cisco certified.

Chances of growth

Whenever a sensible candidate chooses a career path, they are always focused on choosing the one that offers them more chances of growth. And the most important thing about being a Cisco certified is that you can update your skills to the top level and stand out of the crowd. For example, if you have achieved the expert level in a particular category, you can simply jump to another one to take your skills to the higher level.

In simple words, there are endless opportunities available that Cisco certified professionals can obtain. So, if you are really passionate about your work, then Cisco certifications are the ideal option for you.

High in demand

It may sound strange but Cisco certified professionals are high in demand. In fact, if you are struggling to earn a certification in the field of security, then you should feel completely comfortable because you’d easily be able to secure a job after getting the certification. There are companies that are curiously willing to hire the Cisco certified professionals that can protect their data from the leakage and the latest cyber attacks.

And they are willing to pay a huge amount of money to such qualified professionals. So, if you want to earn a Cisco certification in the field of security, you should feel really comfortable because the future is really bright for you. However, the candidates that are earning certifications in other fields should not be disappointed as other candidates are also in high demand.

According to a recent survey, the Cisco certified professionals can earn around $55,166-$140,910. But it totally depends on the type of skills they have earned. The Cisco certified professionals can apply for job positions like Network Administrator, Network Architect, Network Engineer and many more.

 It’s easier

After reading this statement, many candidates would be willing to chop my head off my neck but I recommend reading the following information before taking any serious action.

We know that it’s hard to earn a Cisco certification in today’s scenario but if you give a try to other certifications of the same value, you’d totally agree with me that Cisco certifications are easier to get than others. The reason is that there are tons of preparation resources available on the internet which you can use to prepare for the certification exams such as highly authentic courses, official books, free exam dumps, and many more.

Passing the certification exams is the worst part of every IT professional and the best part is that Cisco certification exams are a piece of cake for those who have had proper preparation. Having used the exam dumps for revision of the learnt material means that you’ve successfully completed 70 percent of the real exam. And the interesting thing is that the exam dumps for Cisco certifications are also available on the internet. Just find the most valid and updated. Therefore, we claim that it’s easier to become a Cisco certified professional.

Less Competition

This may sound strange but it’s absolutely true. The only reason why individuals face a lot of competition is that they try to find a job after getting the initial level (Associate level) certification. Although the associate level certification can help you secure a job, you’d still have to make a lot of struggle for that.

The best thing you can do is to attain the professional level certification before applying for the job. Thus, you won’t have to wait in the queues and you’d easily secure a job. The situation is that the associate level certifications are like the first gear in your vehicle. They are powerful enough to help you take a start but they won’t help you longer and you’d have to shift to the next gear.

The same case is with Cisco certifications: if you want to see the quick results, you should take your skills to the next level. And always be ready to update your skills and absorb new information daily in the chosen field, as IT world is rapidly changing.

Make your dreams come true

The major reason why we recommend Cisco certifications is that they make you feel free from all kind of worries and they make your dreams come true. Once again, we’d say that Cisco security or routing & switching certifications are the ideal option for individuals that want to spend a life that matters.

You would always have work, value, high salary and opportunity to boost your career. Moreover, you can work in any part of the world. That means that you can work remotely if you are a Cisco certified professional. It’s a good advantage, isn’t it?


Well, we have tried to explain each and every important thing about becoming a Cisco certified professional in a very simple and smooth way. Choose the certification that suits you most and wish you luck!

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