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Tips to Boost Your Career in IT

In careers, we look to always develop our skills and also our levels. It is almost impossible to find a person who will be happy with working on the same level from the start of their career to the end of it. Career development gives us a sense of accomplishment that we all love. The field of Information Technology is the same, the dream is to start from that data entry job and lift up to the top level of management. There are several ways of how to achieve it and they are discussed below:

Academic certification

The most basic way to develop a career is to attain academic qualifications. In order to get employed, one must have attained the academic qualifications. The competitive nature of the job market means that these qualifications must be excellent. It is highly recommended that before starting a career one must try to have at least a University degree in an IT related field. In fact, in some countries, a university degree cannot guarantee you employment, thus one has to further pursue their education. This means that if an individual wants to have a good career in IT then they should attain academic certification of the highest level

Social Contacts

No man is an island. This implies that social contacts are of great importance for people. While communicating, people share information, is can be valuable for you, especially, when you are seeking for a new job position. If your friends and colleagues work in the same fields you would like to work as well, it’s an advantage and your fortune. It speeds your job search, as a wide network provides an access to a wide variety of information and job opportunities.

Get a Mentor

A mentor is an individual with a lot of experience in a particular field. A mentor will provide a piece of advice that plays a crucial part in developing your career. And also, a mentor can have access to better job opportunities. This is mainly due to the fact that mentors are normally individuals who are at a higher level of employment. Mentors also set an example and path to follow. The fact that they have been there longer meant that their path is a good one to follow if we ever want to be there someday.


Many individuals believe that practice makes perfect. In the world of information technology that is very true. The field of Information Technology is very wide and one cannot simply just master it. The mastery of the content only comes after practice. This practice also makes an individual stay in touch with the changes. In fields such as programming and networking, a long time without doing practice will make a person lose touch with the world as it is constantly experience changes. With practice, an individual also encounters new scenarios and is taught on how to handle them.

Keep in touch with the changes

The field of Information Technology is one that is and will always be on the change. The changes are brought by either advancement in technology such as better processing speeds or better storage capacity or better practices that are discovered. For example, some programming languages may be on the top today but can become completely irrelevant in a few months. This implies that if an individual wants to improve their career they have to notice the change, keep pace with the rapid changes in IT sector, and constantly develop and raise within his/her career.

Invest in yourself

The field of information technology is slightly different from other fields whereby an individual can be considered competent without having the proper tools. First, an individual cannot consider oneself to be competent if one has no access to a computer. As we all know computers do not come cheap thus it can be considered an investment to boost one’s career. Access to information also requires an investment. The internet is today’s great library. Access to the internet does not come at a free in most countries thus it requires an investment to be made. Time is also considered an investment. People should also dedicate a large part of their time to activities that build their career. One should also manage the time to study and absorb all the new trends arriving in IT sector and the field he/she works in. In addition, one should devote his/her time to be certified as a real professional. That will definitely help to lift up one’s career to a new level.

Join a professional body

The field of Information Technology has not yet embraced professional bodies. These are institutions that act as a vessel for individuals of a certain profession. These bodies point out the acceptable industry practices and rules. Other professional bodies such as cooperatives give individuals access to loans and other kinds of financial aid. They are also responsible for lobbying for the rights of their members. These bodies also protect the rights of its members in the workplace.

Be Flexible

Flexibility implies that one should be ready for anything. This means that we should accept our current situation and look at it as a chance to build more from it. The younger generation of today tends to have a belief that once they are done with school they land that great job with a huge paycheck. Still, most start small, in order to have a long path to the top and gain as much necessary experience as possible. Only thus, people become professionals, and equipped with the most necessary skills, they become flexible and ready for any situation either in life or at work. As they possess an array of skills to choose from so are sure that they can work anywhere. It’s not an easy way to the top but it’s worth it.

Be certified

In the field of Information Technology, it is not enough to have just excellent academic qualification as one needs certification as well. Certifications are a stamp of approval that a particular individual has the skills that are stated in the certification. Nowadays employers insist on the fact that individuals applying for jobs should have the stated certifications. It adds value to you as a professional and make you resume more notable.

The IT field presents the chance to develop one’s career, and quite rapidly. This is only possible if an individual focuses and tries out the factors that have been stated above. Be a real professional in your IT field and you will easily find a job.

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