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Tips to Nail Your Resume

A resume is a document that is used when applying for a job. It outlines the qualities that an individual has. It might seem a small document but it could be the difference between an individual who is aspiring to gain a job. Most individuals do not know how to write a proper resume. This is maybe due to ignorance or lack of proper knowledge on how to do so. There are various ways to improve you resume and they are discussed below:

Use the Correct font

It might seem simple but the correct font is very crucial. A bad font may bring a lot of problems. First of all is eligibility. This means the ability of writings to be read. When reading resumes some employers do it in haste. This is mainly due to the fact that there are many applicants. In such cases, they tend to skip resumes that cannot be read easily. Some fonts are also considered informal, whereas a resume is considered a very formal document. Some of the fonts that are considered include architect and special fonts. Formal fonts include Arial and Calibri. Arial is one of the fonts that come highly recommended.

Use formal language

Some individuals tend to overlook the formality of a resume. A resume should be taken with the highest formality possible. The mere fact that it will be read by leaders of various companies is the reason enough for the resume to be taken formally. Words like lots and short form of words should not be found in a resume. A mastery of the English language is also a sign of a good employee. This mastery is only shown when a person uses the proper English language.

Keep it simple

A resume is a chance to tell your prospective employer why they should give you that chance to work for them. That is the only information that should be on a resume. Matters that do not relate to the job opening should be left out. Even the statement of facts should be simple and precise. The use of compound sentences is also prohibited in resumes. In fact, it is very rare to find a situation in which more than two sentences are used consecutively in a resume. The use of the difficult English phrases and constructions are also prohibited. Just keep it clear, simple and up to the topic.

Think Beyond Your job duties

The state of competition in today’s employment market means that mere qualification is not enough to guarantee you a job placement. This means that those details that seem minor like extracurricular activities and qualities may be the thing that is standing between you and your job. Some companies also place greater emphasis on sports and games. Some factors like summits and leadership qualities are also very meaningful to employers. This is because it is easier for employers to trust an individual with a good record than one without. Companies also prefer people who significant background and additional skills along with the required skills and experience.

Use Facts

It’s a fact that the truth can set you free. Some individuals have a belief that they can lie on their resume and get the job. This is a very bad lie. Firstly, because it is pointless to lie on your resume and when you are invited to an interview you cannot do as stated. Secondly, is that once you have attained that job you cannot execute the tasks. It is better, to tell the truth and learn the duties on the job than to lie and have one’s contract terminated. The truth is also a virtue that most employers love and look out for. If you write about this or that skill, add the information where it was useful and why it’s an advantage. Be ready to be asked about that and just be persuasive.

Sell yourself and abilities

The purpose of a resume is to convince the employer that you are the best individual for that position. This is possible by using the language that appears to sell you and your qualities. It doesn’t mean that that one should lie. Mention all your positive qualities, name your negative qualities as well, but add them the positive sense and how helpful they can be at your workplace. The employer should see the very best version of you.

Use valid information

Some details in a resume must be very accurate. Nowadays it is very common for companies to ask interested parties to drop their resumes online and they will be contacted for interviews. If one places the wrong contact details this means that they might not be contacted for interviews. It is also very demoralizing for a company to find that their company name or address has been misspelled or is wrong. Some individuals go as far as sending the resume to another company or department that is not concerned.

Attach the necessary files

The mere fact that an individual has written that they have a certain academic qualification is not enough. Regardless whether the companies have stated it or not, it is wise for individuals to attach their certificates along with their resumes. This shows employers that the given individual is ready to take the extra mile. It also acts as physical proof to employers that the qualities stated in the resume are truly held by the candidate. It must be noted that when sending certificates only copies of the certificate must be sent.

Check for errors

As they say, no man is perfect, therefore, we all make errors. It is a good practice to take some time and check for errors. It is very discouraging for an employer to find a resume with simple spelling errors. That five minutes to go through your resume could the difference between you landing your job and not getting it. You also can ask for help your best friend to recheck the typos and errors. This would also be helpful and effective in nailing your resume.

The perfect resume gives you a chance of standing out towards employers. It is therefore advised that we take our time and come up with the perfect resume to land the job you desire. If you take all the listed pieces of advice in this article while writing your resume, follows every tip in this article, then you will win the job whatsoever. Wish you luck!

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