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Dreaming of Being Google Certified

Any kind of certification lets you demonstrate your skills and proficiency. If you have been longing to promote yourself to projects, communities, and employers that are valuable to you, then google certification is the secret. Getting certified in your line of interest and passion is a great way to demonstrate knowledge and experience in the topic.

There are a number of certifications made available across the globe. Some people choose to get certified in the IT field, Business field, education, medicine, typing and even digital art software. These certification programs are available in a lot of common places; just how much you are willing to invest and what is your target for the knowledge to acquire? While Google is popular for being a source for answers, it is also a certification vendor of different types and levels. With rich training content made available in the form of an online curriculum, self-study material, and instructor-led training, these certificates cover IT, education, business and web development.

For instance, Google Developers’ Certification, is designed and tailored to equip individuals with the essential skills to survive and thrive in the fast-growing world of technology and digital workspace. Besides, the ideal individuals are those who are willing to launch their journey in mobile, web development and cloud engineering. Google launched the certification program to breach the gap between the developers starting out in their career and employers.

AdWords Certification accredits individuals who demonstrate skills in basic and advanced aspects of google ads. Google Ads Certification allows professionals to be recognized by Google as an expert in matters of online advertising. One can earn this certification through the Google Online Training Program and Academy for Ads.

Also, in the event that you need proof of being a pro at Google, there are educator certifications. Google team has tailored three different certification levels aimed at improving classroom education, professional development, and experience: Google Certified Educator (Level 1 and 2), Google for Educational Certified Trainer and Innovator. Basically, these certifications show that one is well- versed in Google tools in an educational setting.

In addition, for business analytics and consultants, Google offers Google Analytics Authorized Consultant Certification (GAAC). It is aimed at driving partners to your businesses. In any business, digital or any other, troubleshooting is a problem. At least, with this certification, you have the technical support from the google analytics team.

The list of these certifications is endless. The knowledge acquired takes process but learning how to utilize the tools will give businesses a push. Aside from the business realm, google certifications make the professional to be noticeable among peers or other candidates, create a demand for their skills which may lead to industry recognition, career development, and growth.

In order to become certified, you need to enroll in the online training programs and thereafter take an exam. The online training program helps you prepare for the tests. Basically, acts as a study guide and assessment to familiarize you with the kind and form of questions you are likely to encounter in the exam room. The process is clearly outlined and results are made available with a quick search. All the tests are online proctored and timed. However, they take different forms. It can either be a written test, an interview or a practical exam. For all the certifications offered by Google, fundamental knowledge and skills are critical to your excellence. The pass mark for the google certifications is 80%. Excelling facilitates two things: you can have your achievement as a highlight to web users’ shareable links. Google stores the certificate badge or other digital marks in a central and verifiable location.

The certifications have different validation periods. One is required to renew the credential upon expiry by taking another exam. The renewal proves that as a professional, you keep pace with the current changes in the digital space.

Clearly stated above are some of the benefits of being google certified professional: good salary, career development, an outstanding curriculum vitae and definitely an outstanding skills and value of the individual among professionals. However, Google also recognizes your efforts and offers alumni privileges such as:

– Access to the digital badge that verifies your certification status. One has the freedom of embedding the badge on their social media sites or email signature.

– Access to the digital certificate reflecting the status of your certification.

– Access to all newsletters and announcements made available to all program alumni

– Inclusion in the Alumni Directory

Conversely, as program alumni, you have responsibilities to accomplish the following tasks on behalf of Google:

    You will be required to give feedback on the experience with the training course which shall be used for program development.

    You may be required to be a representative of the alumni community at prospective future events.

    You need to continue upholding the Certification Code of Ethics.

Let us review the code of ethics for your own convenience:

    To abide by the Certification Program Instructions, policies, processes and guidelines.

    To make available truthful information concerning your identity, documentation, and demographics.

    To refrain from sharing any Program content, quizzes.

    To take the exam and exit interview without impersonation.

    To fully understand that submitting codes written by previous candidates is considered plagiarism.

    To report anyone who colludes to compromise Certification program content.

    To uphold the highest standards of professional conduct in relation to the certification attempt.

At Google’s discretion, failure to adhere to these policies will lead to dismissal from the program and cancellation of any valid or pending certifications. Due to the ease of manufacturing certifications without being vetted for accuracy and legitimacy, Google grants you the opportunity to establish yourself as a genuine person. Instead of displaying false claims on your sites, look into getting certified.


In conclusion, Google name as an established and honored brand is a great addition to your arsenal and will aid in making pitches to your clients or employers. It also adds value to your resume. While it may seem like a daunting process to achieve a Google certification, it pays off and you enjoy the benefits.

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