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Best Jobs For The Future

They say that he who fails to plan is planning to fail. Any individual who is serious to have the perfect career should look out for the job that will pay off in the future. The prestige of any career in the future is affected by various factors, such as time, demand, globalization, salary, room for growth. Still, the main factor affecting future careers in IT is automation. Automation is the use of machines to perform tasks that would otherwise be done by a human being. Now people conduct businesses not in the market, but on the virtual platform- Internet, being in any part of the world. Below are some of the jobs that are most likely to be popular in the future both in terms of salary and job opportunities.

Mobile Application Developer

The current trend in computing sees a lot of individuals embracing mobile computing. This is shown by the fact that there is literally an app for everything nowadays. Sectors like banking are being diminished by the fact that people nowadays prefer mobile banking. The mobile sector is also on a rapid rise due to the fact that most mobile programming languages are very similar to other programming languages like Java. According to, it is one of the jobs that will be leading in the future. It is estimated that mobile application development sector is growing at a rate of 31%. This job is popular due to a large number of individuals who are currently using mobile technology thus a higher number of developers will be needed.


    User Interface Design

    Android Programming

    Objective C#

The annual salary for mobile developers is $120,000.

Software Developer

Software developers can also be referred to as programmers. Software developers are individuals responsible for developing computer programs using programming languages such as Java .NET C, C++, and Visual Basic. This job is expected to grow because of the fact that the demand for computer programs will always be up. It is also popular because computer programs will always be required for the various human tasks like accounting. This field is estimated to be growing at a rate of 24%.


    C programming

    C++ programming

    Java Programming

    Software testing

The annual salary of software developers is $110,000 according to

Project Manager

These are individuals who ensure that projects are running according to the plan. Project Managers help to organize the work of the teams and move the business to reach the optimum goals. Examples of projects include installing new systems in a company and taking down a particular department that is defunct within a company. These projects require thorough planning and consultation. Project Managers play a crucial part in the development of a firm because they handle projects which directly impact on the firm’s success. This field is very popular as projects can be applied in various sectors.


    Project Planning

    Project Management

    Agile Project Planning

The annual salary for Project managers is $130,000 according to

Web Developer

Specialists who are responsible for the building, maintenance, and repair of websites are always in demand. They are divided into two. The first is the Front-end developer who is responsible for the interface of the website. There is also the back-end developer who is responsible for the handling of the data that is to be stored on the website. They are considered as one job group because they work on literally the same thing and the fact that we cannot have one without the other. Almost all companies have websites and those who just plan to start one’s business knows that there will be expenses for the website creation. Thus, there is a constant demand for people to create websites. This leads to web development being a promising career.




    CSS Bootstrap


A web developer earns around $120,000 according to

Machine Learning Engineer

Automation is to be done by using smart machines. In the world of computing and information technology, these smart machines are referred to as Artificial Intelligence. They use machine learning so that they can be able to react accordingly to new situations in the required manner. Machine learning engineers will always be required to maintain, repair, and even design intelligent machines. It is also a new field that does not have a lot of participants thus a lot of job opportunities.


    Artificial Intelligence

    Speech Recognition


The annual salary for this job group is around $100,000.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity engineer is an individual whose function is to ensure that the Information Technology assets of an organization are well secured and free from any unauthorized access. Cybersecurity engineers are guaranteed exclusive security jobs by the fact that there will always be hackers and intruders who seek unauthorized access to the systems. This means that the role of the Cybersecurity officer is only destined for a positive growth in the near future. According to Cisco, this field of information technology will only grow due to the fact that a growth in technology means an easier access to systems thus requiring an individual to be able to thwart attacks by red-hat hackers.


    Security analysis

    Incident Response


    Post-mortem deep forensics

The annual salary of computer security personnel is $116,000 according to

Computer Systems Analyst

These are professionals who are responsible for going through the day to day operations of the computing system to ensure that the system is performing as it should be. Computer system analyst is a job that is destined to grow because the future computers are a sure bet to be used thus meaning that computer analysts will be required. These individuals are also very crucial to companies because they might act as auditors and advise on how to properly implement computer systems. It is also one of the jobs that require human intuition and thus cannot be automated.


    Database Analysis

    Data analysis

    Security analysis

They earn approximately $100,000 annually.

Network Administrator

The rise of distributed systems and cloud computing has added new impetus to the Network administration field. These individuals are tasked with the skills of creating, managing and repairing of computer networks. The rapid rise of distributed systems has seen computer networks become more relevant and in demand. Cloud computing is also a field that is rapidly on the rise and highly depends on networking. This means that the network administration job will always be in demand. In the real sense, more than 65% of all commercial computer activities require networks hence network administration is a skill that is here to stay.


    Network Design

    Network Implementation

    Network Repair and Maintenance

    Network Security.

Network administrators earn around $90,000 according to


It is estimated by that in the near future not less than 10% of the current jobs will be rendered irrelevant. This implies that picking the correct job for the future presents a very good chance to have a stable career in the coming future. It’s important nowadays to get skills that one can always apply in the rapidly changing world of IT.

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